Alpha 0.5.1 Release Notes

[Blocks] Alpha 0.5.1 – 12/09/2013

New Features

  •  Upgrade Blocks system to Luna 2.0 API ( speed, stability, size improvements ) (Wow!)
  • Save and Load games
  • CTRL-s to save edited level
  • SHIFT wsadqz to move light in edit mode
  • property painter – copies properties from selected block to clicked on block
  • new editor tutorial level ( Work in Progress )
  • hotkeys 1, 2, 3, 4 for edit, move, rotate and delete
  • extensive action tokens added for popup window and editor ( support tool highlight, many engine functions )
  • Living, Breathing player block!  ( well, kind of breathing )
  • Hunter, Magnet blocks.
  • 1/3 fewer bits in the installer file.
  • values in counter UI can now be typed
  • better contrast for toolbar buttons
  • some blocks have default colors for easier IDing
  • PNG loader -
  • put two files in the blocks directory for a file you want to import - myfile.png   and myfilea.png - the first will be color info, and the second, greyscale height   info
  • hotkeys 0 for playercam, 9 for targetcam

Bug Fixes

  • improved 3d rendering of edges
  • fixed issues with Radeon chipsets not rendering terrain properly
  • fixed some issues with terrain rendering out of the worldarea
  • warning if esc key is pressed
  • hundreds of tiny, annoying bugs that kept the developers waking in sweat for weeks.

Known Issues

  • Players get stuck in pipes occasionally
  • Text editor will flake out in certain situations
  • 3d tool actions occasionally sneak past 2d panels
  • Rotation tool not yet fully animated
  • Windows UAC settings can make it difficult to find savegames ( they are saved to Users/currentUserName/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/Blocks/resources/  …etc. )
  • Game needs a settings UI for screen resolution ( and other defaults )
  • Installer should allow autolaunch
  • Installer should allow addition of blocks to quickbar, etc.
  • file choosers lists are not properly aligned – overlap with panel.
  • Teleporter not working as expected
  • Lights state not predictable at level start
  • probably other stuff that I missed.